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Satellite tvAccess Is Access Provided Through Satellites

How do you access the net other than dial-up if you live too far from a phone company office for DSL and there is no cable TV on your street, access may be worth considering and It’s ideal for rural net users who want broadband access, because It does not use telephone lines or cable systems, but instead uses a dish for two-way data communications. Upload speed is about one-tenth of the 500 kbps download speed. Cable and DSL have higher download speeds, but systems are about 10 times faster than a normal modem.

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Firms that offer or plan to offer two-way they include StarBand, Pegasus Express, Teledesic and Tachyon. Tachyon service is available today in the United States, Western Europe and Mexico. Pegasus Express is the two-way version of DirecPC.

Two-way consists of:
•    Approximately a two-foot by three-foot dish
•    Two modems (uplink and downlink)
•    Coaxial cables between dish and modem

The key installation planning requirement is a clear view to the south, since the orbiting satellites are over the equator area. And, like TV, trees and heavy rains can affect reception of the net signals. The two-way uses net Protocol (IP) multicasting technology, which means up to 5,000 channels of communication can simultaneously be served by a single satellite. IP multicasting sends data from one point to many points (at the same time) by sending data in compressed format. Compression reduces the size of the data and the bandwidth. Usual dial-up land-based terrestrial systems have bandwidth limitations that prevent multicasting of this magnitude.

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