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Benefits of Dish

The Need for Speed

Surf the net fast with an always-on connection. Enjoy watching streaming video and download music in a fraction of the time it would take with dial-up.

Time Saver
Now that you can get online faster, you have more time to play! You can get everything done more quickly. Pay bills, check your email, research and shop faster than ever before. Less time online means more time to do the things you enjoy – like watch sports, the news or movies with the family!

Freedom and Flexibility
High-speed net over DSL does not tie up your phone line. Have the freedom to talk on the phone and be online at the same time – using your existing phone line.
Stay Connected

Unlike dial-up, there is no waiting to get connected and never a busy signal.

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How to Setup a Dish net

Installing an dish can give you more access to the net than ever before. They now make kits that come with everything included.There is no better time than now to install an dish. When everything eventually changes over to high-definition broadcasting, you will be ready and will not have to scramble at the last minute to be capable.


1.    Determine the best location on the outside of your house for installing your dish. Look at houses in or around your neighborhood where dish are installed. Notice which way each dish is pointed, as well as where on the house itself the dish is installed. This is most likely the best place to install yours.
2.    Find a secure place on your house to install the dish, or find a spot in your yard that will support a metal pole heavy enough to hold a dish.
3.    Drill any holes needed to hold the fasteners. Fill any holes that were made to accommodate the fasteners with silicone caulk. This will prevent water from getting into the system and will stop any leaks that might occur if the dish is mounted on the house.
4.    Mount the dish, using screws, nuts and bolts or other fastening devices that either came with the kit or that you have on hand. Make sure the dish and whatever it is mounted on are secure.

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